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Guaranteed, verifiable timing behavior

Guaranteed, verifiable timing behavior

True platform independence

True platform independence

At a fraction of the typical time and cost

At a fraction of the typical time and cost

Benefit from the pioneers of the Logical Execution Time (LET) and create correct embedded software much faster!


Chrona is the game-changing maker of development tools that are based on the Logical Execution Time (LET) for creating safety-critical embedded systems typically found in automotive, rail, aerospace, automation and military applications.


Chrona enables users to create platform-independent, reusable software components with the Timing Definition Language (TDL). In a fraction of the time usually required. And at a fraction of the costs. TDL is the first commercially available LET-based language that has evolved since 2003. LET is now recognized by industry leaders such as Bosch, Denso and Continental to be an adequate means for the efficient and correct-by-construction migration of legacy system to multi-cores. The TDL components are guaranteed to meet timing requirements in all circumstances, assuming that the schedulability analysis is correct for the non-TDL components.



Our simulation and analysis tools enable developers to reliably validate the timing performance and behavior of any system, including legacy systems – no matter what the platform – with greater accuracy and with far less time and cost.

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