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visual platform modeling for the Validator

visual platform modeling for the Validator

Chrona Ovid


Chrona's Validator requires a platform model and the execution timing information of code fragements. Chrona's Ovid tool allows the visual and interactive modeling of the platform. For that purpose Ovid provides a library of common components for modeling the behavior of the particular operating system (for example, scheduling), hardware (registers, timers, interrupt handlers) and communication buses (for example, CAN).


To avoid delays and costs before being able to use Chrona's Validator, you typically start with a coarse-grained, rudimentary platform model which you incrementally refine. For example, bus communication needs not to be considered in the beginning, but can be added later on. This step-wise refinedment of platform models helps avoid overengineered test environments.


The videos in the right side bar show what is required to prepare your system for platform-aware SIL with Chrona's Validator.