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straight-forward mapping of timing components to your target platform

straight-forward mapping of timing components to your target platform

Chrona VisualDistributor

We believe that Chrona correct-by-construction technology will prove truly disruptive—it will transform the way safety-critical real-time software is developed—because of its tremendous advantages in simplicity, flexibility, time savings and cost savings.


customer benefits

For automatically deploying TDL components to specific platforms you need the Chrona VisualDistributor tool. It fully automatically maps TDL components to your target embedded platform.

model once, deploy anywhere

As TDL allows you to model the behavior of a real-time system in a platform-independent manner, the resulting TDL software components are automatically portable. This saves your investments in software development, no matter whether you are in the automotive, avionics, military or automation systems domain. No matter whether you target conventional platforms, or multi-core systems, they will evolve in the future. With Chrona’s TDL tools you are well prepared as they generate the code with a behavior that is identical to the TDL model.

key technical features

The Chrona VisualDistributor generates all the code and comunication schedules automatically, so that you can execute the Chrona components on your specific platform.

straight-forward platform specification

In case of a single node system you only define which kind of hardware and operating system you use. The hardware could, for example, be a dSpace MicroAutoBox for prototyping. The operating system could be your proprietary OS. In the automotive context it could, for example, be OSEK or AUTOSAR-OS. In case of a distributed system you have to specify which communication infrastructure is used. This could be, for example, FlexRay or Time-Triggered Ethernet. With the Chrona VisualDistributor you can specify platforms with arbitrary complexity, such as ones consisting of hundreds of nodes with multiple bus systems and gateways between them.


Supported platforms. We support common embedded platforms and constantly add platforms to that list; please contact us to check whether your platform is already supported. Otherwise we implement the Chrona VisualDistributor plugin according to your specific requirements. The Chrona VisualDistributor is shipped with all the plugins required for a customer's specific platform.


fully automatic code and schedule generation.

You literally have to press a single button to automatically generate the executable code, platform-specific configuration files, and in case of a distributed system the communication schedule(s). You can change the topology and/or how Chrona components should be mapped to the computing nodes at any time. Simply generate the code and schedules again. If the computing platform does not offer sufficient resources, the Chrona VisualDistributor stops the code generation. If the code generation succeeds the behavior of the TDL components on a particular platform is guaranteed (assuming that the schedulability analysis is correct for the non-TDL components) to be always identical to their TDL specification provided by means of the Chrona VisualCreator tool.

incremental communication scheduling

The Chrona VisualDistributor can also consider an already defined communication schedule and incrementally extend that schedule. Currently we support the Fibex format for importing communication schedules.

static communication schedule analysis

In case of a distributed platform, the Chrona VisualDistributor automatically generates a static communication schedule. You can view the generated schedule and export it as Fibex file.

run-time environment

The Chrona TDL:Compiler, which is part of the Chrona VisualDistributor tool, generates timing code for each Chrona component. The socalled Chrona TDL:Machine executes the timing code on each node of the platform. The Chrona VisualDistributor is shipped with the Chrona TDL:Machine(s) required for a customer's specific platform.