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Chrona offers two revolutionary tool suites to the real-time community:

The Chrona Validation Suite allows platform-aware software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulations. In other words, Chrona's Validator offers the advantages of SIL simulations in terms of cost and simulation speed as well as the advantages of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations in terms of accuracy. Products in Chrona's Validation Suite include:


  • Chrona Validator is seamlessly integrated with common tools such as MATLAB®/Simulink® and Eclipse. The Chrona Validator supports both open-loop and closed-loop simulations. It works with legacy code, such as C and assembly code, as well as with models and any mix of those.
  • Chrona Ovid is the set-up tool for visual and interactive platform modeling. The platform model is used in Chrona's Validator.



The Chrona Creation Suite offers correct-by-construction timing behavior of time-critical embedded systems, that is, the correctness of the modeled timing behavior is guaranteed in all situations. Chrona deploys a Timing Definition Language (TDL) to model timing. Products in Chrona's Creation Suite include: