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Chrona Group

From think-tank to industry fore-runner. Chrona is a pioneer in the area of portable, deterministic embedded software components.


Chrona – formerly "preeTEC" named after its founder Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pree; preeTEC became a member of the Chrona group – is a pioneer in the creation of development and validation tools for the production of reusable embedded software components and systems.


These safety-and outcome-critical systems are typically found in automotive, rail, aerospace and military applications. Chrona's clients include Toyota, Magna, Siemens, and AVL-List (test-bed automation systems).


Chrona's approach is dramatically different than all other tool vendors. It has not sought to come up with development and validation tools with merely enhanced performance and functionality.


Instead, Chrona radically redefined how components and systems are developed, yielding massive savings in cost and time while delivering absolute certainty of performance. These benefits are simply not attainable using traditional tools.


Chrona's game-changing approach is based on advanced technology and concepts pioneered in part by the firms' founder. Key advances were developed at both The University of California, Berkeley's Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department and the University of Salzburg's Computer Science Department.


Privately held, the firm was founded in 2004 as a university spin-off located in Salzburg, Austria and in Torrance, California. It has been profitable from the onset.